A healthy {entree} … with a dash of home brewed Sherry

Mussels-Tomato-Dill brothThe last time that I left Poland for India, my fiancé and I spent the last night our our friends’ Bartek and Marzena’s house in Warsaw, where they very thoughtfully fed us a delicious light dinner of creamy carrot soup and one of the many infamously delicious Polish breads (chleb in Polish), whether intentionally or not, that is definitely the kind of meal I would have before traveling, so that I would feel light, energetic and focused. Of course that was backed up by multiple shots of vodka, and vodka-cucumber, something that in my experience, Polish people cannot do without (everything is an excuse to drink and have a BIG party). Which led me to a midnight coffee trip to the kitchen so I would not be heavy headed or hungover the next morning.

Flying into Warsaw this year, two evenings ago, I passed through the home of the very same friends (incidentally, whose wedding is in a couple of months from now, one of the reasons I am here this year). This time they whipped up a simple and delicious broth of mussels in tomato-garlic-onion puree with rich flavours of dill and pepper.
Served with Polish bread.

Followed by multiple shots of home brewed sherry.

No, there is nothing like a good evening with the Poles, there is very little that can compare to grand Polish hospitality and very few tribes in the world know how to party like the Poles. Na Zdrowie !

Tip : Never say no to Polish vodka. Apart from it being some of the best vodka in the world, it may surprise your host. It’s alright to go easy on it though after your first round of shots.


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