Rzepak {Rapeseed} Fields

Fields of RzepakWhat stuns me every time I get here is the beauty of the Polish countryside on a bright sunny summer day. Lucky enough to arrive here in summer, I always get the pleasure of the bounty of Polish Mother nature. Right now we are flooded with fields and fields of Rzepak or Rapeseed flowers, strewed along miles and miles of highway. The colours are vivid to the eyes and the smell, sweet. The oil from Rzepak seeds is apparently the new green super-fuel, and I do know that rapeseed oil is a much healthier option than most oils. You’ll find a lot about Rapeseed oil and it’s benefits if you just google around a bit so I’m not going to write about it here, but what I will write is WOW, I am always blown away by the beauty of a bright blue sky sitting atop an unreal heavenly yellow!

Tip : Keep your cameras with you if you’re on the road. Some frames will not return the second time round.


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