The first of many posts about Polish food and hospitality

Delicious Meat Pate

Delicious Meat Paté

Perhaps one of the many surprises that Poland gave to me, and certainly one of the world’s best kept secrets is Polish cuisine. I was introduced a few years ago, to a restaurant in the Defence Colony Market of New Delhi in India, run by a Polish-Indian couple, where I had a very brief encounter with delicious Polish Pierogi, not just your average stuffed dumpling, and I was blown away. They’ve now removed the Polish part of the menu, it never took off in India, or rather Indian people are not yet open to something so unique.

Not very long after, the world of Polish cuisine and simple foods opened themselves up to me …. forever. Thanks to my fiance, I am totally pampered with authentic Polish food and drink, every time we visit Poland, from home-cooked to eating out.

If you want to enjoy Polish food you’ve really got to stop counting your calories and feeling guilty for stuffing your face. My first ever visit to Poland taught me a lesson where I gained almost 6 kilograms in 6 weeks, literally a kilogram per week. And it is not because Polish food is unhealthy. It is only because I could not stop eating, everything was so good. When eaten in small and correct doses, Polish food can actually be quite healthy and wholesome.

During my second trip to Poland I came armed. I worked my own weight down to being 48 kgs, before i arrived in Poland, so that I would not feel guilty for going overboard eating . Plus I regularly exercised, so that I’d burn off the pleasures.

If you don’t give a damn it does not matter….. just keep calm and gorge on heartily.

I’m not (yet) vegetarian, and that certainly helps me enjoy the full spectrum of Polish cuisine. Polish food can be heavy on high quality meat, fish, pork and game. The flavors are subtle and the food is cooked simple and delicious.

Tomorrow I’m lucky I’ll be at a polish Kommunion, a perfect opportunity to remind me of the many tastes of Poland, so watch out for the next entry soon of my 10 Absolute Fave Foods from Poland, should you visit.

Tip : Ask the locals for the best places for authentic Polish food. If you want to watch your weight, drink lots of green tea while you are eating Polish food, and do some daily exercise. Also try to go easy on the sweets and the bread, as those are the belly bloater foods. ( Apart from the beer of course, which is another department altogether ).

A Modest Table of Cold Cuts

A Modest Table of Cold Cuts


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