“Gdzie jest Piekarnia?”

Where is the Bakery ?”

Piekarnia Sketch by http://tiutiublog.blogspot.com
Watch out for a nice big sign outside a cute little old shop saying ‘Piekarnia’, in beautiful flowery old school font, and you’ll know that you’re at a good old Polish Bakery. Every neighbourhood in Poland certainly has one, if not more. Don’t confuse this with a ‘Cukiernia’ or ‘Delikatesy’ where you will find more elaborate cakes and sweets, although they often exist side by side.

You’ll be able to detect a Piekarnia from a long way off , if you’re out on a morning walk or run,by the wonderful drifting aroma of the bakes are being freshly prepared. Enter a Piekarnia, and you’ll find  rows and rows of absolutely delicious breads, bakes, crossoints and doughnuts looking at you invitingly. You can find a Piekarnia open as early as 6 am. Yes, the Poles are very particular about the bread they are eating, and are sensitive to the quality of baking.

Interior of a small Piekarnia

Whereas India is the kingdom of a hundred different types of delicious flat breads, Poland is home to some of the best oven baked breads in the world. Feed a Pole some bad bread for breakfast and they will end up with a bad mood for the rest of the day, with a new reason to complain. And very rightly so. Bad quality bread, especially white toast bread such as the ones you get in the UK, can cause some serious problems in your intestinal tract over time, increasing the amount of toxic bacteria and totally tipping the balance of probiotics in the intestine. To the wrong side.

assortment of baked bread

Whether or not the Poles know of the above fact or not, they have an incredible sense for badly baked bread, and literally reject it. Take your pick from a huge variety of seed breads, rye breads, stuffed breads and brown breads. Apart from the breads, my favourite is the rose-jam doughnut, oh my GOD, I could have a truckload of those.

P.S The illustration at the top of this post is from the beautiful Tiu Tiu blog with simple sweet illustrations of simple things ! Love it !

Tip : Try and get to a Piekarnia in the morning when the bakes are absolutely fresh. Buy just about the amount you can have in a day, never for the next day if you can help it, as the bread is best when newly baked.


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