Good Sunny Weather….. and Grilling

Pork, Tomato & Prunes

Pork, Tomato & Prunes

There are very few things in life that compare to the good feelings that rise out of perfect sunny weather and grilling. Although this is something I’ve done many times before in other European countries, like Sweden, Netherlands and Spain, there is something a little more perfect about the weather here, not as cold as Sweden, not as warm as Spain, not as damp as the Netherlands, which makes The Right set of Grilling conditions. Accompanied of course by some really good beer, another special quality of Poland, to never compromise on it.

Freshly Picked Salad

Freshly Picked Salad

Yesterday was one such day, one with perfect sunshine at my fiancee’s parents’ vegetable garden in Olsztyn (Warmia & Mazury area) where they grow their own veggies all through the summer (another amazing activity in Poland which I will write about in another post).

The grill cleaned and the first grilling of the summer done (marinated meat, tomatoes and prunes), served with fresh salad that can’t get any fresher – straight from the garden – and life just seems right. That’s a signature note of my life in Poland, and I love it.

Tip : Despite the ‘perfect grilling weather’ in Poland, you’re never quite sure if it will rain or shine all day. Check the weather forecast on your way out to a grilling day, and if not, always carry something warm, should the weather change.

Sunny Grill Day at the Garden

Sunny Grill Day at the Garden


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