A word on your Visa and Immigration at the Polish Airport

Last week I stepped off the flight in Warsaw on an exceptionally hot day, just when the nation was about to enter one of the hottest weeks in the past decades. Everyone seemed happy that it was hot but not so happy that it was SO hot. And so the stereotype that Poles love to complain often continues to hold true !

I’ve never had been stopped or questioned at the immigration, never been asked for any documents, but it seemed exceptionally strict this time as I stood in the queue of people that had ascended the Turkish Airlines. Was there an Islam bias going on here? Was it the recent Political shindig in the area with an aircraft raining from the sky?

It was hot and the immigration officer behind the counter just wanted a document from me at any cost. He was smiling and helpful and I knew he was just doing his job, but after 4 Polski WIZAS in my passport I did not think he would ask for anything more.

The Wisa was not enough. Andrzej was already downstairs with the rest of the bags which contained the paper documents, collecting our baggage so there was no way I could ask him to come back. Luckily I had the a return ticket on my email on my phone, which took a little while to access,  but in the heat wave of Poland every passing minute stretched longer than it should. When I found the return ticket in the email,  it felt like a breakthrough.

“Now you can pass”. They were only doing their job, and for a good reason, with all the recent political turmoil in the neighbourhood of Poland, a.k.a Ukraine, there’s no wonder.

Official Zaproszenie

Official Zaproszenie

Anyway, without getting into any details make sure you have a bunch of documents with you if you are not from the EU. Such as your return ticket, or official invitation Zaproszenie, even if they are photocopies…. it will take you across the line quicker to The Republic of Poland : Rzeczpospolita Polka ! Welcome Back (to my second home nation)….


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