Jestem z Indii i kocham Polskę …. especially in the Summer. 5 reasons…. 10 reasons…. what are your reasons?

Very few things can beat good summer weather in Poland. The air is crisper, fresher, thinner, happier, maybe because of the abundant natural landscapes. For some reason, and maybe the reason is Love, the angle of the sun seems too perfect to be real. But it is.

Last week, just after we arrived the heat could beat the heat in India, and with the dearth of AC or fans, I was close to melting, my eyes burning, my skin hot, my nostrils and throat always dry, and constant craving for water. But yesterday there was, lets say, nothing short of a tropical deluge up here in Gdansk, from one moment to the next, raining cats and dogs, zabkas and kroliczeks, and everything you can think of. People running helter skelter to find some shelter, and waterfalls down the streets. 


So with the skies having cleared now, today is again one of those perfect summer days, 22°C, light breeze, people are smiling and everything is beautiful. It gives me a chance to reminisce and rejoice the reason I am here, and I love it, again and again and again.


1 So much of breathtaking nature at your doorstep, Polski people are indeed fortunate (and should not complain….)

Less than a ten minute drive from the centre of Olsztyn in Warmia-Mazury, and you will stumble upon lake upon lake upon lake, where you can take a picnic and sunbathe all day, swim or simply sit back and enjoy a drink. Around the corner to every residential area there forests and thickets laden with summer berries and mushrooms, it is so easy to connect back to nature. Just 10 minutes away from wherever you are. Maybe even less.




Mazury : Land of a thousand lakes

Mazury : Land of a thousand lakes


2 Polish Food is unique, hearty and diverse

Meat, game, Pierogi, Zupa, Barscz, Bigos, Mackarel, Herring, the list is long, and every kitchen will present you a different palette, but I have not once had a bad experience (so far) in a Polish kitchen or restaurant. Very often simple, food here is wholesome and healthy. There’s a whole bunch of food related posts from 2013, and you will see that food is one of my biggest Polish loves. Of course followed by……


3 Let’s just say, that this is one of the only 4 countries in the world where I Love to have a beer. And delicious home-brewed Wodka.

This will be the subject of  one of my posts this year, Polski Piwo and Polski Wodka : the types, lists and varieties are quite a lot, but there’s not much better than a tall glass of cold Książęce on a pretty summer day. Watch the scales when in Poland, the food and drink can add a few kilos to your waistline ! 


 4 Polski Hospitality is remarkable

The first time I visited Poland, the shyness of young educated Poles to communicate in English took me aback a bit, because my natural extraverted character wanted to reach out and talk. However this was met sometimes with a cold wall, but Uwaga ! (Attention….) …. do not mis-interpret this as rudeness or poor hospitality. Polish people are far from rude, but a few drinks down, who wants to bother socializing in another language? So do not be put off. Just use the time to listen, pick up the language. Ask questions, and everybody is ready to talk….

Visit a Polish household and you will be met with a tableful of delicious food, warm faces, home-brewed vodka, lots of questions, and a unique amount of simple love and giving, which really reminds me sometimes of India

5 Polish Women are beautiful. And some men too.

Coming from a woman, I can say that this country has one of the prettiest ladies I have met. There’s something about many Polish woman and men, that is strong, elegant, courageous, beautiful and fragile at the same time.  Perhaps genetically history has made them that way, but in any case they make the landscape better looking. 

And so this list can go on…. the mountain cheese, the art, jazz, culture, the nightlife, daylife, beaches, forests…   but let me stop here for now. Why do you love Poland, Polski people? I would love to hear from you. Here’s CNN’s list to celebrate the 50th Independence day this summer.


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