About : My Love Affair with Poland

When I arrived in Poland for the first time in 2011, I was awestruck by it’s beauty, culture, food, nature and people.

The perfect summer weather, the really good quality of life, the massive old town squares and architecture, and the art, culture and oh the FOOD, was so magical, that I was really sad while leaving.

How could a country so rich, stay so hidden in the map of travel and tourism?

My name is Anjalika, I’m {currently} a 30-something woman from India, with a reasonably extensive record in traveling and living in Europe, and for some reason Poland was not even in my bucket list of places to ever visit…. HOW ! In 2011, I met my Polish fiancé in New Delhi, and  the rest is history.

Two summers down the line, in 2013, I decided to start writing about Poland and it’s idiosyncrasies, it’s myriad customs, unbelievable food and little short stories that have helped me create memories. Apart from a genuine desire to express and share my experiences here, I also realised that there were not too many “real” stories on the internet about Poland, in English.

I’m writing this, it is May of 2013. Acquiring my third “WIZA” now and making my third entry into Poland in the last couple of years, spending several weeks to months here each time, definitely qualifies me to share my experiences in Poland.

Since this will remain to be a recurring pattern in my life, thanks to the presence of my Polish fiancé, and considering by now I have a more (hopefully) sensitised and engaged view on the many facets of Poland, and since this will only get more colourful and rich in the coming years, you might find many bits of information useful and interesting.

Thanks for passing by and taking your time to read this !


2 thoughts on “About : My Love Affair with Poland

  1. Tonight my Polish fiance and I made Polish Pickles from ingredients grown in her grandparents garden allotment. I am so touched by how wonderful this experience was that I started researching… I found your amazing blog and will read up and share the joy. I also visited Poland for the first time in 2011 and have just moved here this year for and extended stay.

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